By Pía Velasco
May 19, 2016 08:38 PM
Getty Images

Companies are paying up to $20,000 per hour just to understand millennials, reported The Wall Street Journal. You heard that right, 20K AN HOUR! Like, what are we even doing slaving away at unpaid internships when we could be telling companies how to understand us instead?

But in all seriousness, it’s important to understand why anybody would pay that much money for an hour of someone’s intel?

Think about it this way. Right now millennials are the greatest chunk of people in the work force, and according to WSJ’s Lindsey Gellman, they tend to job-hop more than ever before. But why is this a problem? Companies report losing up to 20% of an employee’s annual salary every time they leave for a new job.

Now, that may not add up to $20,000, but if you’re a big company with a bunch of millennial workers who are ready to abandon ship at any moment for the next best thing, all the 20%s are going to add up and cost you BIG TIME. So what they’re trying to do is understand how to retain their employees for longer periods of time.

According to popular TV shows such as HBO’s Silicon Valley and Comedy Central’s Workaholics, millennials want foosball tables in the office and free food around the clock, and while that obviously doesn’t hurt it also won’t keep employees around for too long. According to Gellman, what they really want are flexible hours, the possibility to do work that has the potential to create a real impact, and constant feedback.  And although these are things that appeal to the millennial employee they also benefit the entire workforce as well.

So what can we do to cash in our $20,000 check next payday? Most millennial consultants have experience in managing, consulting, or have written successful books on the subject. However, backgrounds are extremely varied so if you can market yourself correctly you got yourself a fat paycheck.

I don’t know about you but I’m about to brush up my digital resumé with hashtags and GIFS, because isn’t it the ultimate American dream to get paid to tell a room of middle-aged hot-shots that they need to get real AF and give us down time to browse Reddit while simultaneously swiping through Tinder? Count me in.