Javier del Alamo para People En Español
November 29, 2016 06:02 PM

Mexican TV host Alejandra Espinoza graces the December/January cover of People en Español along with her husband, Puerto Rican choreographer Anibal Marrero and their baby Matteo. Espinoza, who is the host of Univision’s reality show La Banda, talks about how she balances her career and family life. The charismatic host and model opens her home to the magazine to show her Christmas decor and share how she and her loved ones celebrate the holidays. 

The December holidays fill Espinoza with joyful memories of her childhood. “Christmas at my house is lots of fun. From the moment I wake up, there is music playing in my house [as] my family starts preparing the Nochebuena feast, then my brothers and sisters start showing up with twenty thousand gifts,” she says of the celebration at her parents’ house in San Diego, CA. She will travel there this December with her husband and son to spend Christmas with her parents, 9 siblings and 18 nephews and nieces. “There is no other time of the year I love more than Christmas,” the 29-year-old star shares.

The upcoming 2017 promises to be another successful year for Espinoza, who will continue to host La Banda and be a spokesperson for Revlon. She also hopes to launch her own blog and clothing lines for young fashionistas like herself, pregnant women and babies.

Espinoza recently had a nostalgic—yet eye-opening—moment when she watched the web series Alejandra, la de Tijuana, which she taped for Univision.com. After returning to her childhood home in Tijuana to tape the documentary, she realized just how far she had come since leaving in 2007 to participate in the Univision reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina, that won her a crown and contract with the network.

“When I was watching the series I thought: ‘If Alejandra Espinoza, the girl who was born in Tijuana, the one that grew up with so little, made it here, from this point on, how much further can I go or what goal can’t I reach?'”

Alejandra Espinoza con su esposo Aníbal y su hijo Matteo
Javier del Alamo para People En Español


As she looks around her beautiful Miami home today —with a pool, luscious backyard and a Christmas tree filled with presents— she remembers how she and her siblings would make fortresses out of cardboard boxes when they were kids because her family had no money for toys. “I wouldn’t change anything from my life,” she says. 

Her future looks brighter than ever and she has big plans for it. “God willing, I would like to get pregnant again in three years and I would love two boys,” she admits. After living out so many of her childhood dreams, Espinoza knows that any wish can come true.  

Be sure to pick up the December/January issue of People en Español for the rest of Alejandra’s holiday special and catch our other two covers featuring the late Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and actress Alicia Machado

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