got the inside scoop from Eduardo Noriega and Édgar Ramírez; the thriller hits theaters today

Por Natalia de Ory and Laura Kusnyer / NYC
Updated Febrero 21, 2008
Édgar Ramírez & Zoë Saldaña

The lights were flashing and the red carpet was buzzing with celebrity star-power as the cast of Columbia Pictures' new thriller Vantage Point premiered their film Wednesday night in New York City. The ensemble cast includes some of the most promising young Hispanic talent, including Eduardo Noriega, Édgar Ramírez and Zoë Saldaña, who looked every bit the Hollywood starlet in a Yves Saint Laurent silk dress.

Set in Salamanca, Spain (although mostly filmed in Mexico), during an antiterrorism summit, the film unfolds in an unconventional manner as the audience is allowed to relive the same moment from eight different perspectives.

Check out the trailer here.

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The movie, which comes out Feb. 22, also stars Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Matthew Fox and Sigourney Weaver. got an exclusive peek at the film and was able to talk to some of the cast members, including Spanish actor, Eduardo Noriega, who plays a Spanish police officer on the run.

How do you feel about the rise of Spanish actors in American cinema?
Yeah, that's great! [Antonio] Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem – [they're] really important for the Spanish film industry and for [other] the Spanish actors. I think that now in America they will think that every [Spanish] actor is going to be like Javier Bardem, so that's gonna be good for me, they're gonna think I'm a really good actor, that's good [laughs].

Next up was Édgar Ramírez, an up-and-coming Hispanic actor who's already appeared in such blockbusters as The Bourne Ultimatum and Domino. He shared his thoughts on the state of the Latin film industry.

How do you think your role will help pave the way for other Hispanics actors?
You just try to do the best you can, that's pretty much what you do. The presence of Hispanic talent in the world has everything to do with quality, talent and passion. It's something that is already there, that is established, and that the presence of Latin talent in acting, directing and cinematography, in all different disciplines involved in moviemaking is just part of the landscape of [the industry].

So are you satisfied with the representation of Hispanic actors in American cinema, then?
Definitely, because right now, or at least according to my experience, the people who are writing the stories, the people who are producing all the movies, they are either Hispanic or their best friends are Hispanic, or they grew up with Hispanic people around them, so I don't think that it's an exotic thing anymore; it's part of the reality and the cultural face of this country. I don't see doors opening, what I see is people embracing our culture.

Ramírez will next be seen in the Steven Sodebergh film, The Argentine starring Benicio del Toro and Rodrigo Santoro.