The Dancing with the Stars winner, along with his sister and lawyer, are accused for defrauding the IRS for not paying $5.5 million

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 03, 2008

The winner of Dancing with the Stars (ABC), Helio Castroneves is in serious trouble with Uncle Sam. The federal court of Miami, FL, has recently accused him of 6 counts of conspiracy, for not paying his taxes to the IRS.

The New York Post says that the 33-year-old opened various bank accounts to hide the $5.5 million which he did not declare to the IRS.

The Brazilian, who won twice won the Indianapolis 500 car race, will appear in court this coming Monday to face charges. He could be sentenced up to 35 years in prison in convicted.

His sister, Katiucia, and lawyer, Alan Miller, also face charges of conspiracy.