By People Staff
July 31, 2008 11:00 AM
Cortesía del artista

Héctor Acosta is currently one of the most fully developed merengue singers in the world. The Association of Radio Announcers of Santiago, Dominican Republic, named him the best vocalist in 1999 and 2000, and he also won the prestigious Casandra award for best vocalist.

Although everyone’s familiar with his masterly voice, few know that Héctor is a natural musician who plays bass to perfection, as well as other musical instruments, all thanks to a very sensitive ear, given that he lacks formal training when it comes to playing those instruments.

Before becoming a member of Los Toros Band, Héctor jammed with local groups in his city and he even subbed in for Toño Rosario in the Los Hermanos Rosario group for one season. These were but small steps that lured the attention of Gerardo Díaz (El Toro), who invited him to be part of his band, a group that has been nominated for 5 Casandra awards, including the award for Best Group of the Year.

Los Toros Band is the only band that’s staged a merengue concert at the National Theater Hall with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Santo Domingo. As part of the group, Héctor Acosta became the first Dominican ever to perform to a packed audience during three consecutive days. The first time merengue became known in the world, they immediately won the 1991 ACROARTE award in Dominican Republic as the Revelation of the Year. Equally impressive, they received the Estrella award as the Revelation Orchestra in New York, and they won the Continente de Plata award in that same category the following year in Boston.

The last few years have been filled with intense work and exhaustive tours, as their music continues to gain acclaim and demand. This explains the nominations and awards they receive from various entities: Acroarte, ACE, Lo Nuestro, as well as innumerable cultural organizations in the U.S. and Latin America.

Other countries have already begun to the group’s music as well. The list seems endless: from Colombia, Venezuela and Central America to Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.S. cities of Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Boston, Washington D.C…

After resounding success with the Toros Band, Héctor Acosta left the group in 2006 to launch a new stage of his artistic career with his own band named “Héctor Acosta & Orquesta”.

On March 8, a news conference in club Jet Set, marked the beginning of a new stage in the artistic life of Héctor Acosta. From then on, Héctor Acosta & Orquesta have participated in numerous national and international events with extraordinary success.

The recognition Héctor Acosta has received wherever he has performed gives a boost to the artist’s enthusiasm. His performances at different places in Dominican Republic have demonstrated that, despite all the adversity, Héctor Acosta is well received by the Dominican society, as well as the country’s media.

In a very short period of time he has been featured on the cover of important magazines and newspapers in Honduras, Costa Rica, Miami and the rest of the United States, and has received significant display on important Internet pages.

Héctor Acosta & Orquesta completed a successful one-month-long tour throughout the United States, where his performances drew packed audiences in Miami, Orlando, Boston and New York, giving merengue, bachata and boleros a touch of high-end panache.

Recently, Héctor Acosta gave a stellar performance at the Mets’ Shea Stadium in New York. A prestigious digital newspaper did a poll among its readers and Héctor Acosta “El Torito” was the winner with 269 votes, representing 31.5% of the audience. This should be an indication that, without a doubt, Héctor Acosta continues to be the new king of merengue.