An Australian newspaper reports that the late actor could have fathered a love child when he was a teenager

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 31, 2008
Heath Ledger

In January, Heath Ledger's death at the young age of 28 following an accidental overdose of prescription drugs was the shock heard around the world. Now, new rumors are surfacing that the deceased actor – who had a child with actress Michelle Williams – may have also fathered a love child when he was a teenager.

According to a report in Sydney's Daily Telegraph, when Ledger was a 17-year-old, he dated a 25-year-old woman who discovered she was pregnant after their relationship ended, and later gave birth to a baby girl. Despite the fact that the woman was living with another man at the time, Ledger's estranged uncle, Hadyn, seems to think the baby could be his. He tells the publication, “There is a very real possibility that Heath was the father.”

But in a later television interview, Hadyn said it was possible the baby news was just a rumor. “It is a rumor and it is one that has been out there for sometime, not only within our family but certainly in the wider community of Perth and it's certainly a rumor that I'm aware of and other people have certainly been aware of it,” he told Australia's Channel Nine News. “It is only a rumor and I simply answered by saying yes it's a possibility.”