The singer's rep sent a statement in response to accusations that one of her concerts was financed by the Cali drug trafficking leader

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 27, 2007
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Yesterday, it was revealed that Fernando Rodríguez Mondragón, the oldest son of Colombian drug trafficker Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, will publish a book in January that links Mexican singer Gloria Trevi with the leader of the Cali cartel. The author claims that one of the 39-year-old artist's concerts was financed by a $300,000 loan from his father. Today, Trevi's representative sent out a press release to address these statements.

“These accusations implicate the supposed concert promoter that Rodríguez Mondragón mentions in his book, whose name wasn't revealed since he's not a recognized person, which doesn't contribute anything to the author's credibility,” the statement says. “If the media want to investigate the supposed money that was used, they should ask the supposed promoter for Cali, Colombia.”

The book, called El hijo del ajedrecista II, also brings up ties between Venezuelan model and actress Ruddy Rodríguez and the Cali drug leader. Supposedly, the former Miss Venezuela had a romantic relationship with cartel member Victor Patiño Fomeque, who gave her a pricy diamond ring the day he was arrested. In an interview with AP, the 40-year-old actress denied ever receiving the gift or even knowing Patiño Fomeque.

In the first edition of the book, Rodríguez Mondragón went public with some of the cartel's darkest secrets and pointed the finger at celebs like Juan Gabriel, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Oscar D'Leon and Cuban singer Albita for their supposed connections with the drug ring. “There are some stories that remain unsaid that haven't been confirmed,” explained the author, who, like his father, was arrested for drug possession in 2002 and released after spending three years behind bars.