Gina Rodriguez
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

It's been a few months since Gina Rodriguez shocked the world with her edgy, new haircut for the upcoming film Annihilation. Although the Jane the Virgin star seemed confident as ever with her new look, she is now revealing that because of social media, she doubted her beauty.

“Five years ago, should I have cut my hair, nobody would've had any opinion or said anything to me on Instagram or Facebook or whatever,” Rodriguez tells Health. “But being on a bigger platform like Jane means I got mixed reviews that really had me second-guessing my beauty.”

The doubts then unfolded into liberation. She continued, “What I realized is that I rediscovered my beauty, and it does not live in my hair.”

In a world with societal pressure, what is Gina's key advice?— Accept yourself.

“All of those thoughts, ‘I'm not pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough,' only exist within you. If you don't feel like you're strong enough, start working on your strength. If you don't feel like you're tall enough, well, sorry, baby, what's what God gave you,” said said.

The actress also opened up about having Hashimoto's Disease, what makes her feel sexy and preparing for her upcoming role. Be sure to read the full story in the September issue of Health, on stands Friday.