Azahara Muñoz
April 22, 2016 06:17 PM

The Summer Olympic Games in Rio are fast approaching and golfing Spanish beauty Azahara Muñoz is ready to represent her country as one of the two golf Olympians from Spain.

The 28-year-old golfer began playing the sport at the age of 8 and turned pro in 2009. Now with sponsors like Lacoste, Ping and Transamerica, Aza is excited for what is to come. “I grew up watching the Olympics and it’s an honor to be able to represent your country. Any time you have a chance to wear your flag and represent your country, you can’t pass that up. It just makes me really proud,” said Muñoz.

Azahara Muñoz

Playing outside for more than 4 hours a day, Aza knows the ins and outs of taking care of her beauty routine under the sun.  With hot weather on its way, we asked the Olympian for her go-to summer beauty tips.

Keep it simple

For me, less is more. I wear a little mascara and powder to keep the shine and grease away, but I like to keep it very clean and simple. Going natural is my secret to long-lasting makeup.

Clean slate

I only wash my face once a day and that’s at night before I go to bed to get everything from the day off. I use Nu Skin brand for both my face wash and face moisturizer and keep everything else very simple. No toner, exfoliates or other products go on my skin.

Protection is key

When I am out on the course, I use plenty of sunscreen and I travel around the world with it and also use it when I am home.


I’ll usually wear waterproof mascara so if it is hot out there on the course (or I cry after a win!), I won’t have to deal with it smearing.

Lip lock

I religiously use chapstick with SPF in it to prevent dryness and any sun damage while playing golf in the blistering sun and heat.

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