Por Thatiana Díaz y Ursula Carranza
Updated Febrero 04, 2016
Dulce Candy
Credit: Jesse Ruiz

Dulce Candy Ruiz has taken the You Tube World by storm with her bubbly personality and beauty tutorials that have been watched by more than two million of her subscribers. We talked to the 28 year old fashion and beauty guru, who hails form Los Angeles, about beauty, family and success.

How did you discover the world of beauty?

I discovered it in 2008. I had just gotten back from Iraq and I wanted to find something that [would help me] express myself in a feminine way and relate to other people that shared same passion. I was working as a mechanic in the army around a lot of men at a mortar fixing trucks, getting dirty and I did a simple search in You Yube on “how to tie a scarf” and I discovered the beauty community and I became obsessed. I would watch the videos from other girls every time I would be at home from work. It really became an outlet for me to express that side of me.

Why do you think you have connected so well with your You Tube audience?

There is no specific way I am doing things. What makes me “quote on quote” successful on You tube is that I am just myself 100%. I open up and share my stories on how I grew up, I am just very personable and relatable to every day girls and I believe they see themselves in me and if they see the success that I have they know they can achieve it as well.

What did you learn in the military that has been life changing?

One of the greatest lessons I learned was that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. Growing up I didn't really have that belief. I felt like you really had to struggle for many years. I didn't even see successful people in my life. When I joined the military, one of my drill sargeants made me realize that through hard work, dedication, passion and not quitting [it could be possible]. I implement those qualities in any work that I do.

How would you describe your style?

Very experimental. I love to try different styles of make up and fashion because I like to tell a story and get creative and try things that I would normally not try. I like to say that it's eclectic and evolving.

What are you into right now in terms of beauty trends?

I am really loving highlighting because it gives my face a very natural dewy look and I love love love to highlight with cream highlighters and apply those to the highest points of my face. It gives that gorgeous dewy look I think works for every woman.

What do you want to accomplish as a YouTube star, vlogger and influencer?

My ultimate goal in life [is that] I have a voice and I am able to use it in a positive way. I always like to spread a positive message. I try to make my little channel a positive place for people to come if they have a bad day or just send out a positive message to be kind and respectful towards others. Makeup and fashion are the vehicles to drive that message to other people.

You are a mother. How has that changed you and the way you see life and approach beauty?

I see how fragile life is. I started to see how fast life is moving and I know there is going to be a day in my life that we won't be together physically so I try to live my life to the fullest and enjoy everyone that I love every single day. As far as beauty, I always love to say positive affirmations about myself in front of my son so he can see how much I love myself and for that to be an example for him to love himsel