The musical's producer, Carmen Salinas, is interested in having the actress play the starring role

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 22, 2008

Various stars have been named to replace Edith González in the Mexican musical Aventurera, but this time Carmen Salinas publicly announced she would be like for Galilea Montijo to play the role while she was on TV show La oreja (Televisa). Even though the producer recognizes that that 34-year-old actress isn't a professional singer, she's still flirting with the casting idea.

“I'd be happy to, but wait, what time will I have to rehearse? How will you get me to sing,” said the TV host Montijo, to which Salinas responded, “Don't worry about that. I already told you that you don't have to sing. Acting and dancing is fine. You know the story, you've been in Aventurera three times already.”

“For me, she's always been the ideal actress for Aventurera“, said Salinas, who assured that even if the Bailando por un sueño participant can't sing, they could record the songs with her voice, and move the project forward that way.

Although the ex of soccer player Cuauhtémoc Blanco hasn't given Salinas an official response, she says she feel honored by the offer. “Carmen really supported me from early on, and I carry that close to my heart,” said Montijo.