The TV hostess attacked the media for making disparaging remarks about her fiancé who is a construction worker
Galilea Montijo

Galilea Montijo came out fighting in defense of her fiancé, Gilberto Sobrero who works in the construction trades in Miami. The Mexican TV hostess minced no words after hearing the negative comments from some in the media.

“Yes, I am bothered. I'm bothered by the way they talk; especially by those who hold a microphone and have the power to humiliate. I believe my fiancé's job is far more dignified than yours, I don't care if you call yourself journalists,” added the angry 34-year old Mexican in an interview with La oreja (Televisa).

A TV show followed Montijo's fiancé and discovered that he worked in a building construction site, cutting wood and marble. According to that TV show, the attractive hostess had kept her engagement secret because they were planning to marry, establish a spa in Miami, so tha Mr. Sobrero would no longer have to work in construction.

Although she was initially angered by the remarks about Sobrero's perfectly dignified job, Montijo stated that she isn't really bothered. “Should I be bothered by someone's job? Not at all. So they make disparaging remarks, it doesn't affect me in the least. Whether they talk or don't talk about me, doesn't affect me at all,” she said.

In conclusion, the hostess of Buscando a Timbiriche (Univisión) spoke about her fiancé with pride: “He gets up every day, very early in the morning and goes to work, to a physically demanding job, and the truth is that no one should be critical of that.”