The actor will star in the film adaptation of Pedro Páramo and has signed up for a new project with Diego Luna
Gael García Bernal
Credit: getty images

Gael García Bernal won't hit the unemployment lines anytime soon. The Mexican actor couldn't be more coveted these days. He's been tapped to do 2 interesting big-screen projects.

The 28-year-old actor recently signed up for the leading role in the movie version of Juan Rulfo's book, Pedro Páramo, said Cristina Mascarenhas, the director of Take 2000, the Portuguese production company in charge of the film. The cameras will start rolling late this year, and locations will include Spain and Mexico, Mascarenhas added. The book, considered a masterpiece of 20th Century Latin American literature, tells the story of Juan Preciado, who heads to Comala, Mexico, to meet his dad, Pedro Páramo, and stumbles upon a village marked by death and neglect.

The Amores Perros star will share the screen once again with friend Diego Luna, with whom he worked in 2001 in the cinematic hit Y Tu Mamá También. This time around, they'll be reunited in the film Rudo y Cursi, a story about sibling rivalry set in the world of professional soccer, which will be directed by Carlos Cuarón, one of the screenwriters of Y Tu Mamá También.