The actress confirms that she will leave the network just as she was to star in the new telenovela, Doña Bárbara

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 06, 2007

Gaby Spanic silenced rumors by telling a Miami television show that she is indeed leaving Telemundo.

“It's true. What had to happen, happened and I have always said things happen for the best,” the 33-year-old Spanic told Paparazzi TV (Mega TV), adding that she maintains a very good relationship with the network. “I am very grateful to Telemundo; we are on very good terms…. And just as I have always spoken well of Televisa, I will always speak well of Telemundo,” she added.

Spanic would not reveal the reasons for her departure, but did say that she already has a new project on the horizon. “There is something else, but I can't speak about it yet because I am still legally bound to Telemundo,” she said.

The actress was under contract to begin shooting the new telenovela, Doña Bárbara co-starring Saúl Lisazo; the network had already promoted the soap during the upfront last May in New York. It's still unclear who will replace Spanic in the lead.

Neither Spanic nor Telemundo have made official statements about her departure.