The 34-year-old Venezuelan actress is four months along

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 23, 2008

The list of celebrity moms-to-be keeps growing and growing. The latest star to catch the baby bug is Gabriela Spanic, 34, who revealed that she is four months pregnant to an entertainment magazine.

According to United Press International, the father of the Venezuelan actress's baby is Venezuelan businessman Neil Pérez.

Last year, her twin sister Daniela Spanic suffered a cerebral hemorrhage during her pregnancy, but fortunately is now recuperating and enjoying time with her daughter, Catalina Nahum Spanic, who was born in November. Daniela recently underwent surgery to have a plate inserted into her head as part of her recovery.

After enduring the sadness of watching her sister suffer, the pregnancy is a miracle for Gaby. “I went through some very difficult situations last year, but the rewards and blessings have been marvelous. God exists; miracles happen,” she expressed.

Congratulations, Gaby!