The actress is adamantly against Neil Pérez, and at the same time tells Flordia residents to vote NO for Proposition 2

Por People Staff
Updated Noviembre 04, 2008

Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic, a resident of South Florida, is against proposition 2, which proposes to take away government benefits and health care from same-sex couples that are not married but registered as domestic partners. The actress says that her rejection of proposition 2 comes from a personal place.

“There are gay fathers that are better men than the father of my son (Neil Pérez,” who has not acknowledged that he is the son of Spanic's four-month old baby.

“We had a lot of fights, because he didn't accept my gay friends. But my gay friends are the ones who are helping me and supporting in raising my child, and he hasn't even called to meet his own kid,” said the La Usurpadora actress.