Cristian Castro's former wife claimed that his current ex proposed to gang up against the singer

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 12, 2008
The Grosby Group

Valeria Liberman– Cristian Castro's estranged wife–wants to use all the ammunition that she can in court against the father of her kids. She's even approached Gabriela Bo, to testify in court about the alleged domestic violence she faced while married to the singer, but Bo has declined her offer.

“I was asked: ‘Are you willing to help Valeria' and I said ‘Not at all, of course not, I don't want to get involved with their mess, I only told my side of the story,” said the Uruguayan, 28, on Televisa Espectáculos.

“I don't want to cause him any harm. If I've said something that has caused him harm and that's true, it's his responsibility to face it. He has nothing bad to say about me,” said Bo.

Gabriela Bo wed Verónica Castro's son in 2003, and alleged she was a victim of domestic violence. Valeria Liberman also claims domestic violence and has questioned the singer's sexual preference in the messy divorce, where she as asked for millions in alimony.