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Credit: Hasbro

Furby, an iconic toy of the ‘90s is making a comeback, called the Furby Connect. This new edition is not like the toy you remember with it now connecting to your device via Bluetooth.

This Furby has LED eyes with more than 150 expressions and an antenna that changes color. Blue means it received an update and other colors stand for its different emotions. Furby Connect is also packed with motion sensors, motors, a microphone and a speaker.

The toy connects wirelessly to smartphones and tablets to interact with a Furby Connect World app that receives occasional updates of songs, videos, scores, or even the time. Furby can also dance along to the videos on the app.

For the first time ever, each Furby will include an eye mask that puts the fuzzy friend to sleep, turning it off when applied over the eyes.

Furby Connect is now available for purchase from Amazon for $99.99 in the colors Pink and Teal. It will be released to retailers nationwide in Fall 2016 with three more colors including coral, light blue, and purple.

Check out the video of Furby Connect from CNET below: