Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Junio 30, 2016
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With the summer sun shining bright, there's no better time to take your workout to the great outdoors. If you're looking to change up your fitness routine, here are 7 ways to get exercise with a breathe of fresh air.

Kayaking: If you want to experience marine life, look for your nearest kayaking location. The adventurous exercise offers an intense upper body workout targeting areas like the back, shoulders, arms, and chest. While one arm is rowing back, the other is stretching out.

Hiking: This is a great workout for those who like exercising at their own pace. Search the Internet for a good trail to hike and find a dependable hiking buddy. With green scenery and open views, you're sure to get positively distracted and get a complete cardio workout.

Swimming: “Aquatic exercise combines cardio, strength, and resistance training that's gentle on your joints,” U.S. Olympic team women's head coach David Marsh told Self. This refreshing workout is an awesome way to burn calories and stay cool.

Volunteering: Want to give back this summer? You can break a sweat while helping out your community. Take up outside opportunities such as cleaning up a local garden, building homes, or helping out at a summer camp.

Biking Tours: You may not know your city like you think you do. If you haven't seen parts of your hometown and want to explore, find out if there any biking tours around you. If there aren't, rent a bike and create your own tour. This is also a wonderful exercise if you're visiting another city or country. You can see the destination while getting in worthwhile exercise.

Outdoor Yoga: What's more zen than fresh air? Tune into the sights and sounds of nature while releasing stress and staying fit. If no classes are being offered around you, buy a yoga mat and head on over to the park. There are ton of yoga tutorials online and apps that could help you out!

Sports: Workouts can also be the perfect way to bond with the people in your life. Gather your family, friends, and/or coworkers and set up a game. Whether it's soccer, softball, or tennis, have an enjoyable and healthy time under the sun.