Adela Noriega is heading back to the TV, and we chatted with her producer, Salvador Mejía, about her latest telenovela

Por Vanessa Job Valle / Mexico City
Updated Diciembre 18, 2007

Fuego en la sangre, the latest Salvador Mejía production, marks Adela Noriega's eagerly-awaited return to telenovelas. The actress's career took off when she played Matilde on Carla Estrada's soap opera Amor Real. In 2005, she moved on to a role in La esposa virgen, but soon after gave her career a rest, taking herself out of the public eye. But after the actress turned down a spot on Estrada's Pasión, it was Mejía who managed to coax her back into a role.

The producer of the new Televisa melodrama says that Noriega and Estrada's negotiations came about eight or 10 months ago, and that it had nothing to do with the offer for Fuego en la sangre, which is scheduled to air in the United States in early 2008.

“In the case of Carla Estrada, no arrangement was made with the company, but I did insist that they not end the negotiation in a negative way,” Mejía explains.

As far as Mejía is concerned, Noriega's stellar acting career makes her the most prized star on the Televisa network. “I had to fight with some big guns. I worked really well with her on La esposa virgen. I like how she portrays characters, which is why I felt obligated to make her my star.”

In a story of adventure, revenge, love and passion, the actress will reunite with actor Eduardo Yáñez, who starred with her in Dulce desafío in 1989, and in Guadalupe in the '90s. But the show's real stars will be sex symbols Jorge Salinas and Pablo Montero.

Diana Bracho will play the villain, while Nora Salinas, María Sorté, René Casados, Patricia Reyes Spíndola and Joaquín Cordero will also have roles in the new telenovela. And according to Mejía, Vicente Fernández will perform the show's theme song, “Te amo para siempre.”

The plot is based on Colombian telenovela Las aguas mansas, from Julio Jiménez, but according to Mejía, his version is an adaptation from Liliana Abud. Fuego en la sangre will tell the story of three brothers whose lives become entangled through intrigue, hate, revenge and love.

Telemundo is planning on making its own version of the story called Pasión de gavilanes.