The show's star, Itatí Cantoral, confirmed that the show will not go on

By People Staff
Updated November 12, 2007

After getting good reviews, the play Frida, un canto a la vida, starring Itatí Cantoral, is saying goodbye to the stage just two weeks after its premiere. The Mexican actress explained that the show had to be cancelled for financial reasons.

In a press release, Cantoral, 32, stated: “Sadly, the producers of the play have decided to cancel the project, noting purely economic reasons, but I'm not going to give more details about it because it's not my responsibility to discuss this issue.”

“It was a job, like all the roles I've played in my career, that I dedicated my heart, soul and life to,” the actress said of her experience playing the legendary Mexican painter. “It's very difficult to have to accept this and start focusing on a new project, leaving behind this moment, which, I repeat, was for me an immense privilege.”

The play has had some problems, though, such as a power outage at a press conference and the supposed criticism from Carmen Salinas, who commented that Cantoral gives up on shows quickly, which obviously annoyed that La viuda de Blanco actress.