A co-manager that ran the Hayek siblings' business has accused Sami Hayek of fraud and abuse of authority

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 21, 2008
The Grosby Group

Salma Hayek and her brother, designer Sami Hayek, are being sued by a former employee of the siblings' company–of which the actress only owns 1%–that has ended up being an allegedly bad investment.

The claim was filed in the Los Angeles Supreme Court in California by Alejandro Artigas, who insists that the Mexican designer “is guilty of fraud, mismanagement, and abuse of authority.”

According to sources, Artigas demands that Sami be fired and allow someone else to run the company.

Bob Weiss, the designer's lawyer said: “We will fight this suit vigorously.

PeopleEnEspanol.com contacted the Hayek's reps, but they have not responded as of yet.