It's mindless, yes, but the movie that reunites the shirtless man with Kate Hudson is fun too

Por Elena Calvo / ShowBizCafe
Updated Febrero 08, 2008
Kate Hudson y Matthew McConaughey en "Fool's Gold"
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland

Director: Andy Tennant

Script: Malcolm D. Lee

Genre: Comedy

Rated:PG-13 for action-related violence, some sexual themes, partial nudity and strong language

Grade: B

And now for round two. This is the second time these beautiful blondes have teamed up for a romantic comedy (and brought their perfect sun-kissed looks to the big screen with them).

After starring together in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are reuniting to do another comedy with director Andy Tennant (Hitch (2005), Sweet Home Alabama (2002)).

He's Ben “Finn” Finnegan, a surfer-turned-treasure hunter obsessed with tracking down some exotic loot lost in the Pacific in 1715, when it was lost en route to the Queen of Spain.

She's Tess Finnegan, a former adventurer who now Works aboard a mega-yacht owned by billionaire Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland).

What brings them together? Their passion for the sea, history, lost treasure and their marriage…even though they're not planning on being man and wife for much longer. When Tess decides to put an end to their marriage, Finn discovers a clue that could reveal the treasure's location.

When it turns out that the yacht Tess works on is in the same vicinity of the hidden treasure, she convinces the boat's owner and his spoiled daughter (Alexis Dziena) to help Finn in his quest.

Another conflict arises when they realize the loot is located on ground owned by a rapper (yes, a rapper) that Finn owes money to. And the leading man stirs up more trouble when it turns out that his former mentor and now enema is also hunting down the treasure.

Idyllic beaches, luxury yachts, relaxed lifestyles and a hidden treasure. A romantic comedy with a shirtless (of course) McConaughey…but still, the movie never quite seems to find its rhythm.

Viewers won't get tired of looking at the sexy stars, but they might get sick of the plot; it's a little lazy, a bit forced, but perfect for a mindless weekend afternoon, especially if you want to entertain your brain with the gorgeous coastal sights.

The real treasure of the plot – even though it's completely predictable – is the idea of trying to bring lovers back together with a common goal. Will they end of divorced or still married?