Pablo García
July 31, 2008 11:30 AM

Juan Fernando Fonseca was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and he is 28 years old.

After his phenomenal success “Te mando flores”, Fonseca makes a revitalized comeback in 2008. After attaining numerous triumphs with his previous album “Corazón” he devotes his tim to record his best compositions of recent years. This is how “Gratitud,” the third album of this talented and charismatic Colombian singer/songwriter, came to be.

Fonseca worked on this new album guided by producer Bernardo Ossa, who had previously worked with him in “Corazón”. The recordings were made in Bogotá, Medellín and Miami with the collaboration of great musicians and sound engineers. The 10 songs plus three bonus tracks reflect the essence of Fonseca, an essence that in turn reflects the autobiographical nature of his compositions.

He mixes tropical rhythms with a more urban sound, stemming from being born far away from the ocean in Bogota, 28 years ago.

Fonseca’s talent is impregnated by styles as varied as pure vallenato, passing through pop, rock, lounge and disco in a fusion all their own.

At the same time he emits a permanent duality with lyrics that transition from deep melancholy to exhilarating joy.

More than ever, Fonseca touches every feeling, every internal chord, as he explores through the entire repertoire of melodies and verses that inspire him.

“Gratitud” is a disc for dancing, singing and feeling. A disc with an appetite for the sea and street life, which represents Fonseca’s tastes.

From this album, the first single “Enrédame” is well known and is already a radio hit in many countries.

Also known are “Paraíso y Alma”, the soundtrack of the movie “Paraíso Travel,” and the second song, which is the main theme of Televisa’s highly successful Mexican telenovela, “Alma de Hierro”.

With the launching of his third album, Fonseca expects to continue gaining ground and harvesting kudos with his hard worth ethic which has already earned him awards including the Latin Grammy, Billboard, Lo Nuestro and MTV Latino, among others.

“Gratitud” is what this talented singer/songwriter uses to express his thanks for being so fortunate throughout his life. Moreover, “Gratitud” is dedicated to the freedom of those who have been kidnapped, a message Fonseca will continue to advocate in all his concerts and shows worldwide until the sequestrations stop.

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