The actor will represent KW, a new Mexican cable channel produced by Chespirito's wife

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 23, 2008
Florinda Meza y Eduardo Verastegui
Credit: Clasos/; Univision

Mexican actress Florinda Meza, 68, is the production director for KW, a new cable channel that will air in Mexico starting this May. Actor Eduardo Verástegui, 33, will serve as spokesperson for the station, which will only broadcast family-friendly content with a positive message, reports Mexican newspaper Reforma.

“KW will be for viewers who want to have fun in a healthy, positive manner,” explained Rodolfo Bermejo, general director for KW, which will air via Cablevisión and TVC in Mexico.

The channel's program lineup will include a variety of original series based in Mexico and produced by Chespirito's wife. “Florinda is incredibly capable and hardworking. We've been in contact through mutual friends,” Bermejo said. “She found out about the project, told us she'd like to work on the [production], and we started to look into the possibility.”

Bermejo also talked about why he chose the Bella star to be the image of KW: “He's someone who carries himself well, with a masculine presence. He's a gentleman and very attractive, and he's a man who, above all, perfectly identifies with the philosophy and image of the channel, because…he's dedicated himself to doing work that has a positive message.”

On top of broadcasting original productions, KW will also feature international programs, like the Argentina-produced show Juanita la soltera and the popular Italian show Maternity Ward.

Bermejo added that KW will also make viewers laugh. “[The programs] will be based on reality, but with touches of comedy, in common language. [They'll be] interesting and focused on what happens to people in their everyday lives,” he said. Shooting for the new shows is expected to kick off this summer.