The Mexican journalist was taken to the emergency room for the condition; he's back to Primer impacto (Univisión) today

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 31, 2008
Fernando del Rincón, Fernando del rincon
Credit: Orlando Garcia/

Last Friday, viewers of Univisión's Primer impacto couldn't help but notice that co-host Fernando del Rincón was missing from the program. The Mexican journalist's absence was due to excessive stress, a condition that took him to the emergency room of a Miami hospital.

“I wasn't feeling well, and they decided to call the paramedics. Once they stabilized me, they took me to the hospital to do some stress tests,” the 38-year-old explained in a press release. The tests determined that Del Rincón was suffering from stress and fatigue.

“There wasn't anything specific that happened that day or days prior that could have caused that physiological reaction,” the TV host said of his condition. “I think it has to do with how intensely I've been working for more than two decades in the journalism world.”

He also expressed his thanks for the support of his wife, 41-year-old Puerto Rican journalist Carmen Dominicci, and for all of his fans who have been concerned about his health. Del Rincón will be back to work at Primer impacto today, Mar. 31.