The singer's representatives contacted the norteño group about bringing their distinct musical styles together

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 02, 2008

When it comes to music, Fergie is all about innovation, which is why the 32-year-old singer is taking the first steps toward working with popular Mexican band Los Tigres del Norte. Newspaper Reforma reports we could be hearing the collaboration by the end of March, which is when the group's next album is scheduled to be released.

“She said that she'd like to do something with us. They didn't speak directly with me. What I do know is that Fergie's producer and the person in charge of her projects got in contact with people from the company (Univisión Music), and they were chatting about how they wanted to do some things with us,” band leader Jorge Hernández said. “That's how we found out,” he added.

The former Black Eyed Peas singer's latest interest would suggest that she enjoys norteño music. Hernández discussed how Los Tigres del Norte and Fergie could bring their musical styles together: “Right now we're experimenting with how to please the public with different things, without changing [the music] that's put food on our plates for so many years, being loyal and not losing our style. We can use our instruments in a way to create a fusion with other rhythms.”

The “Glamorous” singer first showed interest in Latin music when she collaborated with Daddy Yankee on the song “Impacto.”