The Mexican actor's wife said that her husband's infidelity with Andrea Noli resulted in her profound depression

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 22, 2008

The met in 1995 and, according to Fátima Boggio, Jorge Salinas “was love at first sight.”They got married six months later in a romantic ceremony on the beach, north of Perú. But what started as a fairytale for Boggio soon became a nightmare. “When we got back to Mexico, he made more and more telenovelas, and it was really difficult,” she said to TVNotas USA.

Her husband's constant absence drove a wedge between them. “I think I made a lot of mistakes,” admits the actor's ex. “I was like in coma. I wouldn't get up, I wouldn't eat breakfast, and he didn't encourage me.” Things got worse until one day she found out that Salinas, 40, was going to have a child with Andrea Noli. “I thought it was a nightmare, and I almost killed myself.”

At that point, she said she had a enough, and she broke up with the actor. And although she still loves Salinas, she has no intention of ever reconciling with him. Her mission is to stay happy for her two kids, which she had with Salinas, and to help other women who are dealing with this painful situation. “I need to explain to people how I was able to get out of this mess.”

What must Boggio think now that Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez are now in a relationship?