Inés Gómez Mont, who hosts Azteca América's show Ventanenado, said Zedillo Jr. authorized her to reveal the news

By People Staff
Updated May 27, 2008 05:00 PM
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Another paternity mystery is solved! The identity of the father of Érika Buenfil's son was revealed by TV hostess Inés Gómez Mont on the show Ventaneando Monday night. Inés Gómez Mont announced that Ernesto Zedillo Jr., the son of former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, is the father of 3-year-old Nicolás.

The news had a strange timing. Just days earlier, Mexican senator Santiago Creel claimed paternity of Constanza, the daughter of Mexican actress Edith González.

Gómez Mont stated on the show Monday night that Zedillo Jr. had authorized her to reveal the news because she was “a friend of his and his wife Rebeca.”

The TV hostess added that the Mexican actress -known for her roles in the soap operas Amor en silencio and Tres mujeres– and Zedillo Jr. never had a formal relationship. They just had a fling during a trip to Acapulco, Mexico.

Shortly after the affair, architect Ernesto Zedillo Jr. married Mexican actress Rebeca Sáenz, his current wife and mother of his two daughters. The couple tied the knot on January 8, 2005.

According to Ventaneando's homepage, Zedillo Jr. said he was willing to do a DNA test to confirm his paternity and properly claim Nicolás as his son. made several calls to Buenfil, Gómez Mont and Zedillo Jr.'s wife, but have not received any callbacks.