People en Español's Editor in Chief, Armando Correa, captured Havana's most original street style.
Moda callejera en Cuba
Credit: Cortesía Armando Correa

During People en Español's first fashion shoot in Havana, Editor in Chief Armando Correa wander the streets of the capital of Cuba capturing its genuine quotidian beauty.

“In Havana you can find anything. Young people have a lot of imagination when they get dressed. Many of the clothing items they own are bought in the black market or they get them from relatives in Miami. Some even manage to celebrate their Sweet Fifteens with glamorous dresses. We even saw some policewomen with miniskirts and fishnet stockings! Some show more skin than they should, and they do it proudly. Some look like models ready to walk the runway. Despite their limitations, the heat and their struggle to survive day to day, they somehow manage to be stylish as they go to work, make the long lines to find food or even get married.”

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