The Colombian singer spoke to about her new album Dos (Two), a broad display of talent and fusions

Por Andrés Martínez Tutek
Updated Diciembre 16, 2008
Fanny Lu
Credit: Cortesía: Universal Music Latino

Although Fanny Lu knows that her career is rising like bubbles, the Colombian singer hasn't lost her humility and doesn't stop laughing even for one second. She seems to be under the spell of the goddess of happiness.

Passing through New York, the performer of “No te pido flores” (I Don't Ask You for Flowers) spoke exclusively to us about Dos (Two), her new album, already on sale and with which she expects to surpass the success of Lágrimas Cálidas (Warm Tears). Fanny Lu wants to keep dreaming and she hopes to get to realize her biggest dream: to sing until she ceases breathing.

Click here to listen to “Tu no eres para mí”

You must be up to something good, because you've got a big smile on your face. Tell us about your new CD.
I'm extremely motivated. My new album is titled Dos (Two) and we're promoting it with the song “Tú no eres para mí” (You're Not For Me), a fun piece made with fusions that's already playing strongly in Colombia and other places. That's a good-luck boost of sorts that my country is giving me.

The title of the first single speaks of someone who is not for you. Who might that be?
It speaks of that person who is not for you. Sometimes you are with someone who you know is not for you, and even though others keep telling you he isn't, you stay with that person. But then comes a time when you see it all clearly and you say goodbye.

Is this autobiographical or is it something that happened to someone else?
Well (laughs), it's a song inspired on my own experience, of course. But it also refers to the case of others who have gone through the same situation. But we do it with a lot of humor.

We played the video on and we saw how you subject the guy to everything, including voodoo. Why so mean?
In the video we wanted to show that malicious element that stays with you when someone has made you suffer. And that explains the scenes with voodoo, to show that if we cry, there's something inside of us that wants them to suffer a little, too. It was also to have fun.

Why the title Dos (Two)?
Well, the title Dos (Two) is to make the point that things come in pairs. It's an album of love, but also lack of love; speaks about a woman who cries, but who also dries her tears and moves on. The topic is love and it takes two to love, besides this being my second artistic chapter.

What will we find in the album?
Everything. The album includes happy songs and ballads. It has ten songs and I am the co-author of eight. I wrote a lot for this album together with some great names. Those who listen to it will find a lot of surprises, since we include different genders in the fusions. We did not limit ourselves, but rather continued exploring. It was a lot like cooking, adding a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then coming up with the final product. An interest ingredient is the very strong presence of the accordion. It's all very cool.

What have you learned so far?
That God gives you the beautiful gift of being capable of dreaming. I have also learned that dreams come true, and that I have to take care of this space I've already earned, for it's a blessing from heaven.

Is there still a dream that has not come true for you?
I know I can sound a little dramatic when I say this, but I see myself singing until the end. I want to sing until I cease breathing, until I run out of oxygen for the last time. I know that for now there's still a lot to learn and more things to get to know, and I'll go as far as God allows me to go.

Imagine no one knows who you are and you have 30 seconds to introduce yourself. What would you say?
That I'm extremely Colombian and 100-percent Latina, that I studied industrial engineering, worked in several companies, was a model, did television commercials, acted in telenovelas, and that all of that remains a small treasure one keeps forever. That I'm very happy, now devoted to music 48 hours a day, and that no one should miss this album because I know they're going to enjoy it.