The journalist and Alfredo Cervantes Landa had confrontation via TV monitors

By People Staff
January 22, 2008 06:00 PM

Fabián Lavalle and Alfredo Cervantes Landa confronted each other, but not face-to-face. The journalist’s supposed aggressor told him through a TV monitor: “I still love you. I carry you in my heart. God bless you,” reports Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Faced with the affectionate words, the Mexican TV personality, 57, reiterated that he isn’t acquainted with the man accused of attacking him last November.

During the encounter, the supposed male prostitute asked Lavalle to “Think about it.” But the journalist showed no sign of emotion.

Previously, during the first part of a trial against his supposed attacker, Lavalle answered 70 questions from the defense, who claimed the journalist was nervous during the interrogation.

According to the show La oreja (Televisa), during the break, the Juan Antonio Alarcón, the lawyer for the accused, told the media that Lavalle was unsure about his responses. “We’re seeing a very nervous Fabián, irritated. When I asked him questions about where he took out money from the supposed cash machine, he didn’t tell me the name of the bank.”