Male prostitute Alfredo Cervantes Landa is waiting for the final ruling in prison, denied bail
Fabian Lavalle

According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, Alfredo Cervantes Landa, accused of attacking journalist Fabián Lavalle, could face between two and six months in jail, with a maximum of six years in prison, for crimes of aggravated robbery and bodily injury.

Lavalle, 57, is currently recuperating at a Mexico City hospital after being found partially naked, bound at his hands and feet, bruised and bleeding in front of his hotel room last Wednesday morning. The Con todo (Galavisión) host later pinpointed Cervantes Landa as his aggressor.

At the hearing, it was stated that both the victim and his attacker would have the opportunity to provide evidence relevant to the case over the course of the next 15 days. Judge Eugenio Ramírez ruled that Cervantes Landa will be sentenced within a few days, and that he has three days to call for an appeal. The alleged aggressor will remain in jail until his final sentencing.

The prostitute, who claims he attacked Lavalle when the journalist refused to pay after they'd had sexual relations, was calm when he heard the ruling and said nothing when questioned by the press. According to Mexican newspaper Reforma, Cervantes Landa's lawyer, Héctor Santiago López, proposed that the two parties meet to discuss the matter. “[We'll ask for] what's normal: more detailed statements from Mr. Lavalle, a more detailed statement from my client; and, of course, there will be a confrontation that will let us know the truth about what happened,” the lawyer said.