While recovering from the shocking attack, the journalist fears for his life

By People Staff
December 19, 2007 05:00 PM

Fabián Lavalle has revealed that he’s been receiving death threats by telephone since Oct. 31, the day he was attacked in Mexico City, reports newspaper El Universal. The Mexican journalist – better known as Fabiruchis – also reiterated that he did not have a relationship with his alleged attacker, male prostitute Alfredo Cervantes Landa, adding that it hurts him that the incident has put his sexuality into question.

Lavalle didn’t go into detail about the intimidating calls he’s been getting, but he did confirm that he’s reported the threats to authorities and might even know who is responsible.

Cervantes Landa has said that he and Lavalle had sex on the night of the attack, a statement the journalist has vehemently denied. “I have faith that the truth will be revealed. I have no reason to hide,” Lavalle assured. “When my presence is required [in court], I’ll be there, because it’s my obligation as a human being and as a citizen,” he added.

In regards to his sexual orientation, Fabiruchis said: “I think the life of every person is worthy of respect, [but] what’s been said of me isn’t true. I haven’t tried to come out of the closet. They’ve given me a bad reputation.”

A month and a half after the incident, the journalist is doing better physically, but the emotional wounds are more difficult to heal.