The journalist's sister said he suffered psychological trauma on top of physical injuries
Fabian Lavalle
Credit: SUN vía

Yesterday, Fabián Lavalle checked out of the hospital where he had been recuperating after being attacked by male prostitute Alfredo Cervantes Landa at a hotel in Mexico City last Wednesday. According to the program La oreja (Televisa), the Mexican journalist left in a wheelchair with visible marks on his face from the attack, his nose bandaged from surgery and his eyes shut.

“I can't speak, the only thing I can do is thank you for the time you've spent on this, and tell you that I respect you all; I can't say something to everyone, but I [want to] reiterate my thanks,” Lavalle, 57, muttered to the press members waiting for him outside of the hospital.

The host of the up-and-vanished program Con todo (Galavisión) expressed that he's hurt, physically and mentally. “The important thing is to tell you at this time is that I'm miserable, my head can't process all the events, everything that happened to me,” the journalist explained.

His sister, Lorena Kuri, had previously said that her brother is experiencing psychological trauma as a result of the incident. “Fabián's state is delicate, and on top of the physical injuries, he's traumatized in a way, I can't remember the name [of the illness] the doctor gave us; still, we're waiting to hear what the doctors say,” Kuri told Televisa Espectáculos.

Although it was said that Lavalle could be transferred to another hospital, reports inform that he will continue the recuperation process at home with his sister.