A magazine published some photos of the Mexican TV host getting up close and personal with another man... and allegedly kissing him on the mouth!

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 06, 2008
Fabian Lavalle

Fabián Lavalle's sexual orientation continues to spark controversy. A magazine recently published some photos of the Mexican journalist kissing another man on the mouth in a Mexico City restaurant, as reported by Televisa's entertainment show La oreja.

The images allegedly show Lavalle's younger companion having a blast, pouring himself some wine and toasting with the 57-year-old TV host, also known as ‘Fabiruchis.' Other photos portray the pair holding hands and even kissing on the mouth. The magazine reported that the more they drank, the more passionate they seemed to get.

The former host of Galavision's show Con todo has declared his sex life is nobody's business. However, it became a public spectacle in October of 2007 when Lavalle was found naked and brutally beaten in a hotel in Mexico City. Lavalle's alleged aggressor Alfredo Cervantes Landa, who is supposedly a sex worker, told the press and the Mexican authorities that they were romantically linked.