A man claims the journalist invited him to a hotel and tried to touch him in an intimate way

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 28, 2008

The controversy surrounding Fabián Lavalle never seems to end. Now, the Mexican journalist – also known as Fabiruchis – has been accused of sexual harassment.

In an interview with the show Hoy (Televisa), Lorenzo Domínguez claimed that when he tried to get a job working for Lavalle, the 57-year-old TV personality invited him to meet up at a hotel. “I asked him for work as an assistant and he met with me at the Polanco Metro. From there he invited me to have coffee and then invited me to a hotel,” he explained.

Domínguez said he thought the invitation seemed suspicious, but he accepted the offer because he needed a job. “I played along, but then he started to grab at me and told me ‘I've got plenty for you.' He wanted something I didn't want. He said he was going to go, but we stayed, but we didn't do anything.”

According to Domínguez, Lavalle gave him 10 dollars, “probably to keep me quiet. It was the only thing that happened…i don't like to be like this. I wouldn't go to bed with someone for fame. He just wasted some of my time, but he sexually harassed me.”

He also revealed that he presented a lawsuit against Fabiruchis, but that it didn't go through.