The TV host refused to undergo a polygraph test, drug test and proctology exam

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 09, 2008

Fabián Lavalle didn't attend today's hearing in Mexico City where witnesses in favor of the journalist's alleged attacker, Alfredo Cervantes Landa, were scheduled to testify. According to the newspaper El Universal, Juan Antonio Alarcón, the lawyer of the accused, said on a radio show that the Mexican TV host, 57, also refused to take a lie detector test, even after a judge authorized it.

For the time being, it's unknown why Lavalle – also known as Fabiruchis – was absent from the meeting. Reforma reports that in a phone interview, Alarcón stated: “They notified me that he didn't want to take [the test]. He gave some reasons, 100,000 things, but whatever they were, in the end he just said: ‘I want the clothes to do the talking,' and now I want him to speak. If he's telling the truth, then he should take the test. That's why we have lie detector tests.” With the polygraph test, the defense hopes to prove that Lavalle is lying about his story that Cervantes Landa lured him by saying they were going to meet up with girls.

Cervantes Landa's lawyer also assured that his client was not selling drugs, as he informed that Lavalle refused to undergo a drug test. Fabiruchis also declined having a proctology exam, which could confirm whether or not the former Con todo host and the supposed prostitute had sexual relations.

Judge Eugenio Ramírez Ramírez proposed to reschedule the hearing for Feb. 6, since Cervantes Landa's witnesses also didn't show up for today's meeting.