Even though he falls in love with a Latina desperate housewife on Amas de casa desesperadas, the sexy actor tells us exclusively that he still hasn't found true love


For Ezequiel Stremiz, playing the role of the gardener on Univisión's new series Amas de casa desesperadas – the Latin version of Desperate Housewives – could be just the career move he needs. But even though he just recently made a name for himself internationally, the Argentinean actor is no rookie. He's taken part in various TV, film and theater productions in South America, including the telenovela Camaleona (RCTV) and the series Casados con hijos (Telefe).

And now that recording for Amas… is done, the 26-year-old actor is getting ready to kick off shooting for Sergio, a new film starring him.

Stremiz spoke exclusively with Peopleenespanol.com about the new TV series, shared a funny on-the-set experience and even told us about his friendships with members of the cast.

What do you like best about “Amas de casa desesperadas”?
It's got a lot of flavor, humor, suspense, love, it has everything, even action. I really like the combination of all those elements.

Tell us about your character…
It's a really sweet character; I like it a lot. It's a boy who's starting out, who doesn't know much about life, who doesn't have much experience with love, who works as a gardener to earn a little money, and who falls hopelessly in love with Señora Solís, who's married. But he doesn't do it to be malicious or for sexual reasons, he just really loves her. That creates a huge conflict, because in reality Señora Solís uses him as a toy, because she's not in love with him. He's fresh meat for her.

Do you identify with the character?
The character has a lot of me, and I have a lot of him. He's innocent with certain things, and I'm also very innocent. He's very timid because he's a kid, and there are a lot of things he's not familiar with, and he doesn't know how to act when faced with this stuff. In real life I'm timid…and when I was younger, I worked as a gardener too. But I never came across a hot housewife like in the series.

What actor do you get along with the best on the series?
Bernie Paz. It sounds contradictory because the character I play – Carlos Solís – is actually the person the gardener is competing with. I became friends with him. I was in Miami, and I stayed a few days at his house and met his family. Also with Anita [Serradilla], who plays Señora Solís, I've gotten along really well. We had a good time together. There's no one I don't get along with, but they were the ones I really established friendships with.

Any funny experiences you want to share?
There's a scene when they're all in the house having a good time…and all of a sudden Señora Solís shows up. So she decides to pull the gardener out through the window. But he was naked, with just a towel on. So, during the part when I have to fly through the window, one of the directors told me that we wouldn't be using a double and that I had to do it naked or with nude-colored underwear on, but it wouldn't have looked real with the underwear on. So Anita started to laugh. Of course you'd laugh because she was dressed and there I was in my birthday suit in front of the whole team. And I said ‘You know what? I'm going to do it naked because she's laughing, just to shut her up.' That scene was really funny.

Now that you're part of an international production, are you thinking about leaving Argentina?
Honestly, what I really love is film. I really want to keep going with film and dedicate myself to that completely. I'm going to go visit my siblings in Los Angeles, and I'd like to check out the movie scene there. I can't tell you when, but I'd like to do movies.

Married, single or still looking?
I'm single with no obligations. I don't have a girlfriend, and I'll tell you a secret: The longest I lasted as a boyfriend was three months. But that's confidential. But I don't know why. By my calculations, that why I still haven't fallen in love.