The stripper who sold pics of the boxer dressed as woman is filing a lawsuit, claiming defamation, among other charges

By People Staff
Updated November 15, 2007 01:00 PM

Óscar De La Hoya, 34, is being sued by Milana Dravnel, the woman who released the scandalous photos of the champion boxer dressed in women's lingerie. The exotic dancer, 22, is asking for $100 million, accusing De La Hoya of fraud, defamation, interference with contract, infliction of emotional distress and undue influence, her lawyer, Salvatore Strazullo, told the New York Post.

Strazullo claims that the boxer's representatives tried to stop the photos from being circulated. "[They] did everything [they] could to thwart her being able to sell this, saying they weren't real, photo-shopped, and that she didn't know what she was doing . . . that she was just a stripper," the lawyer told the media. He also said that De La Hoya's people threatened Dravnel, warning her to keep the pictures away from the press.

The stripper sold the images to a photo agency in September for $70,000. She has stood by her statements that the photos are real, that she and De La Hoya had an affair for nearly a year and that the athlete enjoys wearing women's lingerie.

The two met in a New York at a club where she was dancing. According to Dravnel, the photos were taken during an alcohol-fueled evening at a Philadelphia hotel.