The actress supported the Democratic candidate at a town hall meeting; Melanie Griffith was also there

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 04, 2008
Eva Longoria

As the Democratic primary continues to heat up, celebrities are putting in their two cents as to who they think would be the best fit for the President of the United States. Eva Longoria Parker showed her support for Senator Hillary Clinton Monday at an interactive town hall meeting in Texas, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“Thank you so much for this Texas-sized welcome. On behalf of all my fellow Texans, I want to say bienvenidos, welcome,” the actress of Mexican descent, 32, said to the crowd. “As a native of Texas, I know our state and our nation face big challenges ahead of us. Hillary has proven she has the strength and experience to deliver the change we need.”

At the event, Longoria Parker was joined by Antonio Banderas' wife Melanie Griffith. Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are facing off today in primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island.