The actress' Mexican-American eatery in Hollywood will be called BESO
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria's latest project isn't a new movie or TV show. Instead, the actress of Mexican descent is dedicating her time away from the Desperate Housewives set to the opening of a new restaurant in Hollywood called BESO (Spanish for “kiss”).

“I love to cook!” Longoria, 32, told PEOPLE at an event Wednesday night. “I'm a big, big cooker in my family, so this is kind of an extension of my house. I feel like everybody's going to be in my living room,” she added.

The new hot spot will serve Mexican-American food, and the menu will feature Longoria's favorite dishes. Her husband, basketball player Tony Parker must be happy about his wife's latest adventure; “I cook anything he wants to eat,” his wife added.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the actress said that this year, she's thankful for her marriage and for having found a man as special as her husband.