The Colombian music producer, who was shot and nearly died in May, got $2.8 million stolen from him

After being shot in the head and nearly killed in May, Colombian composer and producer Fabio Alonso Salgado, better known as Estéfano, is now suing his financial manager for supposedly stealing $2.8 million of his earnings, according to the Miami Herald.

The also singer, 39, filed a lawsuit against José Luis Gil on Tuesday. The suit does not imply that Gil had anything to do with the attempted murder of Estéfano, even though his manager does have close ties to Francisco S. Oliveira, the alleged shooter of the music producer.

On Gil's recommendation, Estéfano hired Oliveira, whose lawyer denies that his client had anything to do with the embezzlement. Miami police are still investigating the attempted murder and have yet to determine a motive.

The producer tried to contact Gil after the shooting because he needed money to pay medical expenses, but he got no response. Days later, Estéfano realized that Gil had managed to take control over almost all of his funds and intellectual and material property.

Both cases are currently under investigation in Miami.