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April 14, 2008 12:50 PM

Camila Sodi’s pregnancy has her mother, Ernestina Sodi, feeling ecstatic. The future grandmother told the Mexican press that a grandchild would be a gift.

“God willing everything will turn out fine. A baby is always a gift from God,” she told Mexican entertainment show La oreja (Televisa). But her daughter’s pregnancy is not the only thing making Thalía’s sister happy. She’s also thrilled with her new son-and-law, actor Diego Luna, whom Sodi married on February 5 in Mexico. “He is amazing, amazing. He loves her. They adore each other!” she gushed.

Diego Luna, 26, and Camila Sodi, 21, have never spoken publicly about their relationship, which began early 2007 after co-starring together in the film El búfalo de la noche. Recently, the parents-to-be were seen at an event in Mexico, where Sodi showed of her pregnant tummy.

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