The new Disney flick will entertain the whole family this holiday season

Por Jack Rico / ShowBizCafe
Updated Noviembre 21, 2007

Cast: Amy Adams, James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon

Script: Bill Kelly

Director: Kevin Lima

Rated: PG, for some frightening scenes

Grade: B+

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Disney once again brings us a film just in time for theholiday season, but this time it has nothing to do with Christmas, andeverything to do with living happily ever after.

Enchanted, directed by Disney loyalist Kevin Lima and written by Bill Kelly, tells a tale of fairytale princess Giselle (Amy Adams) who meets Edward(James Marsden), her prince charming, but is then sent to an”evil” land called New York City by a nefarious queen (SusanSarandon). In the Big Apple, she falls for Robert (PatrickDempsey), a divorced lawyer and single father with a grim outlook onlove. Giselle's new romance creates a conflict of emotions between hertwo princes.

The story is presented in animated form for the first 10minutes, and then in real-life for the remainder of the film. Lima,who has already directed three Disney films – 101 Dalmatians, Tarzan and A Goofy Movie – works the pacing andstructure between the cartoon and real-life scenes quite nicely,complemented by talented composer Alan Menken's fitting musical score.

The cast members do a stellar job of delivering classic Disney enthusiasm. Adams nails the character of the prototypical Disney princess, while Marsden looks the role of a vain and snobby prince. Dempsey, who's back to the big screen after a successful televisioncareer, embodies the qualities of the charming yet dubious dreamboatleading man, and Sarandon, who has three roles in the flick, wasperfectly cast as the diabolical queen.

Enchanted is essentially about the contrastbetween two types of love: fantasy and real. Robert is the love skeptic, andGiselle the constant optimist. Lima represents fantasy through theanimation segment of the movie, and reality on the dark streets of New York City.

Enchanted is worth a trip to the theater thisseason. It's pure Disney enjoyment that will entertain the wholefamily.