The singer admits that it bothered him that Luis Miguel's ex denied that they had had a romance
Eminem y Mariah Carey
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Everything indicates that Eminem doesn't forget, especially when it involves beautiful girls. The rapper spoke of the romance he had years ago with Mariah Carey and criticized the fact that Luis Miguel's ex denied the affair.

“Yes, Mariah and I had a relationship for about six or seven months…It didn't work out. We were not on the same wavelength, our personalities clashed. She is a diva and I am more ordinary, I suppose,” the musician admitted after revealing that he was bothered that Carey should deny the affair. “I should never fail to acknowledge her talent, but the fact that she denied that we had something, that's wrong,” he emphasized.

The chemistry between the pair of singers developed in 2001 after meeting to plan a work project. After the romance ended in 2002, when Larry King asked Carey if she had gone out with the artist, she kept a low profile. “I spoke with him by telephone, I think I was with him a total of four times. I don't consider that to be going out with someone,” she responded, flashing her anger. The singer appears to be very sensitive.