The singer has a positive attitude about the challenges he faced in 2007

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 20, 2007

Puerto Rican singer Elvis Crespo shared his holiday traditions with our website, talked about the best and worst of his year, and revealed his wishes for 2008.

What were the best and worst things about this year?
The best thing was that I was alive, and the worst was when I lost my niece in an accident. It was a year of growth. I turned all the negative stuff into something positive. I think I'm ending the year in a positive way. I feel less ignorant than yesterday and stronger than yesterday.

How did you celebrate Christmas when you were a kid?
Christmas was a time for dancing, parties, everyone hanging out together. I would go with my dad to the country. He lives in New York, but for those parties he always comes to Puerto Rico. We would eat stewed rice with peas, cakes, pork…. It makes my mouth water.

When did you find out the big secret about Santa Claus?
I found out when I was about 9 years old. I hid under my mom's bed and found all the presents. It was hard for me because in my head, I saw him in my dreams putting gifts under the tree. My cousins would tell me he didn't exist, and I would defend him, saying that I'd seen him in his sleigh. Before I found out, the big debate was how he could visit all the kids' houses at the same time.

Crespo will spend the holiday season performing in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Panama, and will ring in the New Year with a show in Toronto, Canada. The 36-year-old artist says that singing is the best way to celebrate Christmas. As for New Year's resolutions, he hopes to take gold and piano lessons, stay in good shape and read a lot.

He's currently working with the group Zone D' Tambora as a producer and hopes to continue uncovering fresh talent in the music world. His new album Suavamente, el aniversario comes out in April. The disc will include 10 songs from the 1998 album that that made him famous, but remixed and redone to create a new effect.