Castro's father doesn't believe his son hit Valeria Liberman

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 25, 2008
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Manuel el Loco Valdés has spoken up in defense of his son Cristian Castro. Even though the comedian, 77, and Castro, 33, have never had a close relationship, Valdés said on a television program that he doesn't believe the singer hit his then wife Valeria Liberman.

“I think that if there was any violence, that she was the one who hit him. I think that she is capable of hitting him, but he would never hit her,” Valdés told entertainment news program La oreja (Televisa).

According to Castro's father, Liberman, 33, is doing everything she can think of to benefit from the divorce she filed for on Feb. 19, three weeks after called the police, alleging that Castro was acting violent with her and had hit her on a prior occasion. “I don't think it's that bad. She has every right to say that, because she wants to win over the lawyers, etc. etc. Do you know what I mean?” he added.