At an exclusive party sponsored by Chivas Regal, the Mexican actor spoke to us about a possible Oscar nomination

Por Isis Sauceda / L.A. [BR] Translated by Laura Kusnyer / NYC
Updated Diciembre 13, 2007
Eduardo Verastegui

Chivas Regal sponsored an exclusive party to celebrate the success of Eduardo Verástegui. The actor has gone back to the big screen on the right foot. His independent film Bella has taken him all the way to the White House. And with the Oscars just around the corner, there's been chat that the movie could be up for a nomination. In the party, Verástegui spoke exclusively to us.

“I try not to think about an Oscar because for me, I get my Oscar when someone comes up to me and says, ‘Eduardo, your movie changed my life.' That's my Oscar,” the 33-year-old actor reveals, although he does admit he's been dreaming of walking the red carpet at the prestigious awards show. “[I've thought about it] a few times, as a fantasy, or a game, but we make movies for the audience, for the public, to win over the audience's heart. That's our Oscar, that's our prize. But now that it's here, I'm open to it, because that what's going to help us get more credibility. It opens the window to be able to take your message to a bigger audience. But it's not the goal. It's not what's important. What's important is getting up every morning and fighting for a goal that's bigger than you.”

Verástegui is a firm believer that working on the cinematic project changed his life, made evident by his new goal to adopt. “I discovered that there's nothing more beautiful, noble and powerful than giving a child a home and a family,” he expresses. And while he waits for the arrival of his own children, the actor gets practice at fatherhood by caring for his more than seven godchildren, including Pablito, the son of his friend, actor and singer Pablo Montero and also the godson of Cuban-American model Daisy Fuentes. “He called me on the phone and it was really beautiful. Pablo is a friend I've known since I moved to Mexico when I was 19,” he explains. “I got the call and he told me, ‘Hey, I want you to be the godfather of my son.' It's an honor and an obligation at the same time. [Mine] will be on the way soon.”

For the time being, the actor is still single, but he's looking for love. “It's in God's plans for me to marry. The mother of my children has to be out there. I'm hoping to fall in love. Love is on the way. It has to be a strong and spiritual relationship. That's really important for me, a woman who puts God first.”