The Mexican actor is trying to overturn California law that allows civil unions for same sex couples

By People Staff
October 20, 2008 12:00 PM

It looks like Eduardo Verástegui is becoming quite the activist lately. After having endorsed Republican candidate John McCain, he’s now heading up a Latino campaign against same sex marriage.

Notimex reports that the 34-year-old is trying to overturn California law Proposition 8, that allows civil unions between same sex couples.

María Ramírez, spokesperson for Viva la familia, with whom the actor worked with on the movie Chasing Papi noted how important it was that the Mexican actor was participating in a campaign against gays. “Verástegui is very well known among Latinos for his role in “Bella”, and other telenovelas,” she said.

¿What do you thinkg of Verástegui decision? Verástegui has taken on the complete opposite side of other famous actors who support gay marriage including Brad Pitt, who recently donated $100,000 to uphold the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage.